Friday, November 26, 2010

Blasphemy Tension Rising in Pakistan

Pakistan is very famous due to an infamous law known as Blasphemy law. This Law is mostly used to trap Christians, and after trapping them they are given death sentence. This charge carries death penalty, in this law there is no evidence required. The Court does not accept any evidence which favors the accused. The trial is always one sided and the Court always gives decision against the accused. Asia Bibi who used to live in a small village of Pakistan was arrested due to that Blasphemy offence. She was wrongly accused due to personal grudge by a group of Muslim women in the village. She has been jailed for 18 months and was sentenced Nov. 8 to hang for insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammed. Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer met Asia Bibi in jail and said that he will personally forward the request of freeing Asia Bibi to President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Her lawyer has filed an appeal with the Lahore High Court, and President Asif Ali Zardari has decided to let the appeal process play out instead of immediately pardoning her. Pardoning Asia Bibi can be very dangerous for President Asif Ali Zardari as there are many demonstrations being held in Pakistan. Governor of Punjab Slaman Taseer said that this Blasphemy law is always used wrongly and it is a black law. But due to this statement of Salman Taseer there are many protests against him outside the Governor house. Muslims are saying that he is also a blasphemer and he must be hanged too along with Asia Bibi. About 100 Muslim demonstrators rallied Thursday in the central city of Multan, warning against any presidential pardon for Bibi and burning an effigy of the Punjab provincial governor who has supported her appeal. There are some members of Parliament of Pakistan who are thinking about amending the blasphemy law. "We will resist if the government moves against the court verdict and attempts to amend the blasphemy law," warned Tariq Naeemullah, a leader of Citizen Front of Multan.
In this situation there is no one in Pakistan with Asia Bibi except for governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, few members of parliament and Pakistani Christians. But there are many in Pakistan who are against Asia Bibi, there will be a huge protest on 26th of November and there is a very strong possibility that this protest will be violent and other Christians in Pakistan will suffer from that protest. Not only Pakistani Muslim Public but almost everyone from government of Pakistan is against Asia Bibi.

“If Asia Bibi is released then there will be strong consequences.” Warned Head of Pakistan Muslim League Party (Q) Ch. Shujat Ahmed.

“Asia Bibi Should be hanged till death” said female politicians of Pakistan

“Asia Bibi is in jail and will remain in jail until she is hanged” said superintendent of Central Jail Sheikupura Pakistan.

Dozens of Christians held their own protest in the southern city of Karachi, carrying a large crucifix and placards reading "Down with Black Law" and "Stop Discrimination against Religious Minorities." Pakistan's higher courts have always struck down lower courts' death penalties in past blasphemy cases. Still, many who are falsely accused are unjustly jailed for months and often targeted by violence. Two Christian brothers (one of them was a Pastor) in Punjab were gunned down earlier this year as they were leaving a court hearing on a blasphemy charge. Hector Aleem who is a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan was also accused wrongly due to that Blasphemy law on January 2009. There were some extremists who first destroyed a Church and when Hector Aleem raised the voice for that Church then they accused him falsely to back him off. Peace Worldwide is currently not in working situation because the Chairman of Peace Worldwide Mr. Hector Aleem is in jail due that false Blasphemy case. We are sure that if Hector Aleem was out and Peace Worldwide was in working condition then we would have done a lot for Asia Bibi and she would have been released by now. Because Peace Worldwide not just posts news and photos of victims, we actually help the victims. PWW is not like other organizations, we are not afraid of anyone and we can do anything to help the victims. Why anyone from any organization is not jailed or hurt? Because these organizations do not work for Human Rights but for themselves. Hector Aleem is still in jail, its time for all of us to act for Hector Aleem. Please do not wait for the same thing to happen to Hector Aleem. Its time to act for the victims of Blasphemy, also please keep praying for Hector Aleem and Asia Bibi. Write to Government Officials of Pakistan and your Country about Hector Aleem and Asia Bibi. Remember all victims of Blasphemy in your prayers. Also check out this video in which Mullahs are gathered outside the Court of Hector Aleem. They are chanting slogans against Hector Aleem and Christianity. 

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