Monday, February 3, 2014

Spent 4 years in Pakistani prison due to a false blasphemy case

This is my picture which shows the time I spent in prison for 4 years due to a false blasphemy case under section 295-C. The real face of Pakistan is very horrible, it is the worst country on this planet which does not care about Human Rights, Religious freedom etc. Pakistani jail authorities tortured me in the worst possible way during these 4 years. Their tortures and persecution could not separate me from the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. No one knows this infamous blasphemy law of Pakistan more than me. We will continue to raise voice for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Justice and Liberty.

To Proclaim freedom for the captives

Who will stop Christian persecution in Islamic Countries?

What most Christians don’t realize is that the “Islamic World” was once the Christian world. Some of the most well-known and influential leaders in the early church hailed from North Africa and the Middle East – like the warring theologians Athanasius and Arius, and the apologist Tertullian.  It was for the library in Alexandria that the preeminent Greek version of the Torah (the “Septuagint”) was commissioned.  Today, St. Augustine would be called a Tunisian, Origen would be Egyptian and the Apostle Paul – who was on the road to Damascus when he encountered Christ – would have told the story of his conversion while heading to “Syria.” It was also in the Syrian city of “Antioch” that Christians were first called “Christians,” and to this day there are as many Christian holy sites in that nation as anywhere else in the world. There is no imaginary persecution; in Syria alone there have been reports of kidnappings, Christian communities intentionally displaced by militants and, worst of all, shootings and beheadings of Christians who refused to convert to Islam. Government of Pakistan is participating in the genocide of Christians through discriminatory laws against Christians i.e. blasphemy law and others. In Egypt radicals have recently destroyed dozens of churches, and the once vibrant Christian population in Iraq has been decimated. Other countries such as Somalia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan etc are busy in destroying Christians and Christianity.