About Peace Worldwide

Peace Worldwide is working together with Governments, United Nations, Common Wealth and other international institutions to promote and protect the basic fundamental human rights of the masses declared in the universal charter of human rights of United Nations to build a global village of lasting peace, social and economic justice and development for the 21st century. Peace Worldwide is an independent, non – political, non – profitable and non – governmental organization registered under social welfare acts 1961 in Pakistan and NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2005


* Through Human Rights Education we want to create consciousness with respect of right and liabilities among individuals.

* To work for the rectification and implementation by Pakistan of universal declaration of Human Rights and other related chartered covenant and protocols.

* To take necessary action in preventing Human Rights violation and provide aid and assistance include legal aid to victims of Human Right violations to individuals and Groups striving to protect Human Rights.

* To receive and investigate reported and unreported cases and allegations of Human Rights violations and recommending appropriate action to the concerned authorities.

* To provide basic necessities of life such as drinking water, medical relief, and dowry to poor, and helpless girls, drainage and other rural development schemes like model villages particularly to the people and remote areas living in small villages.

* To help in keeping the environment free from pollution and other measures and the safe guarding of trees.

* To also protect Animal Rights and stop the violence against all sort of animals and birds and protect species that are about to be extinct.

* To work for sustainable Development and Human Rights is also priority of our Organization.

* To educate and create consciousness among youth and women against drugs, narcotics and HIV-Aids and to work for the welfare of youth and women especially minorities in Pakistan.

*To co-operate with National and International Organizations, groups and individuals engaged in promoting human rights and to participate in meeting and conferences on Human Rights at home and in abroad.


Peace Worldwide past successes in the education sector was the deciding factor that prompted us to further enhance our presence in this sector. Feasible projects in the pipeline include:

Mobile Schools – A pioneer project that involves bringing education to rural and remote tribal regions of Pakistan.

Computer Institutes – Computer education plays a vital role in enhancing our competitiveness internationally.

Scholarship programs – Providing scholarships to bright and deserving children. Our effort is to provide under-graduate / post-graduate scholarships both in Pakistan and overseas.

Volunteer Teacher program – Inducting Volunteer Teachers from overseas for periods ranging from six months to one year.

Religious Education Program – Inducting Christian teenagers and unemployed youth into seminaries both locally and overseas.

Aids & other highly infectious Diseases Awareness Program – A program to educate our younger generation of the ever present danger of Aids and other infectious diseases afflicting mankind.

Socio-Economic Awareness Program – A program involving volunteer healthcare and social welfare workers going door to door in the rural areas conducting seminars & workshops on the benefits of family planning, nutrition, hygiene and social cohesion.
Cottage Industries Program – A program whereby skilled – semi-skilled unemployed men and women are given interest free loans to buy equipment and accessories that enables them to work from home. Dual benefits achieved are a regular source of income as well as managing household affairs.

Christian Community Centers – A program where Peace Worldwide own and manage community centers in all major cities of Pakistan. These community centers will include a Computer and skills development block, Olympic size swimming pool, Tennis / Squash / Badminton Courts, Indoor Basket Ball Arena, Boys and Girls Hostel, Library, Auditorium (which can also be used to hold wedding receptions) Cafeteria, workers quarters, landscaped gardens including miniature ponds. Each center will also have produce edible vegetation and also have a Dairy section to cater to the dietary needs of visitors and staff.

M.A (Political Science) Program – Bright and deserving under-graduates will be awarded scholarships to pursue M.A (Political Science). Currently the crop of Christian politicians is ill suited to represent the Christian community on a national level. Members of Parliament representing the Christian community are either inapt or corrupt. Offering such education will enhance our presence on the political arena where these representatives can highlight and seek redress for socio-economic problems afflicting the Christian community.

National Census Program – The Pakistani government understates the actual number of Christians in Pakistan, putting the Christian population at around 2 to 2.5% of the total. We feel the Christian population could be more than 4 – 5 times the government stated figures. A program to recruit volunteers from every city to conduct a proper census will depict an accurate figure of the Christian population in Pakistan. An accurate population census would pressurize the government to allocate more seats in the National and Provincial assemblies to Christian minorities.

All these programs require massive funding and efficient management staff. Some of these programs can commence immediately with available funds while other projects will take more six to twelve months to materialize. These programs will also offer employment opportunities hereby reducing the high level of unemployment within the Christian community. Besides gainful employment the crime rate will see a significant drop as well. Proficiency in swimming and other games will also see Christian youth representing Pakistan internationally in those sports that our country currently does not participate in. Christians in Pakistan crave for recognition and respect if provided a chance.

Peace Worldwide endeavors to free Christians from the shackles of depravity and poverty and instill a sense of pride and patriotism. Help us in our cause.