Thursday, August 8, 2013

How long Christians can live with the Majority of Pakistan?

SAHIWAL, Aug 3: Almost half of Christian population living in 38/12-L village near Chichawatni left their houses and moved to safer places on Saturday morning after a tension between Muslim and Christian communities increased over a minor issue.
Removal of a green cloth inscribed with holy verses from a grave in a Muslim graveyard and its use on a grave in a Christian graveyard resulted in the tension between two communities. Some people tried to incite communal violence on the basis of this issue, but elders from both communities intervened and averted a clash.
Pakistani newspapers are saying that the situation was under control and negotiations among elders of all religious communities of the village on Saturday evening were successful. But the real news is far more dangerous and alarming.
According to the sources of Peace Worldwide, the situation is still very dangerous in the village 38/12-L. The extremists destroyed all graves in the Christian graveyard; some dead bodies were dug out from the graves and were burned and disgraced by the extremists. Some other extremists also destroyed Holy Cross on the graves.
Later the extremists turned to the village and destroyed Christian homes and household items. Holy Bibles were also burnt by the extremists; a local Church was also burnt. Christians from the village fled from their homes and are living with their relatives in other villages. Some are even living in open air ground; they don’t have any kind of shelter in this hot weather.
Pakistani media which is already a strong supporter of Taliban and extremists is instructed by the Government of Pakistan not to cover any news of Christians. They are concealing the news of Christians in Pakistan by showing that everything is good and that the Christians are enjoying equal rights but the other side of the story is darker than anyone can imagine.

Pakistani media claims that the dialogue between elders of Christians and Muslims was successful. The question is, Dialogue between whom? When there is no one left in that village. We already said before and are saying again, this situation is going towards “The Two Nation Theory”. For how long Christians can live with the Majority of Pakistan?

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