Friday, May 31, 2013

Deception of PML N

Why anchors and TV channels are talking against Mr. Qaim Ali Shah who is quiet a gentleman? Shahbaz Sharif is also nominated as a Chief Minister of Punjab for the third time. Why Qaim Ali Shah is the only target, Of course it is the party leadership who appoints its members for any post. It’s not his own choice. Why Pakistan People’s Party is the only target? PPP has its roots in all provinces of Pakistan, is a sign of federation and has always supported the Minorities of Pakistan. Media should not be so biased; media has a duty of providing news by staying neutral. 

We know the propaganda of Pakistan Muslim League (N) that they are Anti Christian and Anti Women; we still remember the Shantinagar, Gojra, Badami Bagh and Josephabad incidents which are the gifts of PML N to Christians of Pakistan during PML N tenure. 

A Christian MPA is nominated as a Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly by PML N only to show the international community their so called liberal ideology. That Christian Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly is brainwashed and a remote controlled man whose remote will be in the hands of Nawaz Sharif (Chief of PMLN) and that Deputy Speaker will be the mouthpiece of Nawaz Sharif who will provide only positive reports about the Christians of Pakistan to the international community.

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