Monday, May 20, 2013

SCAM ???

Christians are facing discrimination in Pakistan since its inception, and then the tyranny of their own leaders who are not their true representatives but the supporters and promoters of their own parties. True and honest leaders of Christians are the ones who live among them and those who have social connections with their community i.e. Christians.

All parties including PPP, PML N and F and MQM have ignored Christian representatives while awarding their tickets for the reserved seats. They had given their tickets to those who have no or less social connections with Christians. The awards of tickets for reserved seats have become a business of political parties and millions of rupees are involved in this business. The ECP should ensure that the reserved seats list was prepared by parties on merit and the nominations reflected the population ratio of Christians. A committee should be constituted to probe this matter and a new list of candidates should be prepared.

Christians of Pakistan have suffered badly during these years due to unfair practices relating to their representation in the elected houses. Many candidates could not get into the elected houses because they do not have money to buy party tickets. It is observed that usually tickets for reserved seats are given to some particular Christians. Akram Gill, who have been selected as a MNA for 10 years and Shahbaz Bhatti whose so called party have always promoted its own MNAs and now his imported brother who is imposed on Christians, does not have any social connection with Christians neither he know anything about their problems and issues. How can a representative who got his Computerised National Identification Card after 37 years on his return from Italy understand the issues of Christians? This leads us to think that only those candidates can get the party tickets who are rich enough to buy one.

Big populations of Christians is still poor and failed to get their pressing issues resolved during these years and are still facing discrimination in educational and health sectors as well as other fields only because the minority lawmakers were not their true representatives, even constitutional rights of Christians could not be given to them.

Christians should be given dual voting right so that they could get reserved seats in addition to general seats. All political parties of Pakistan have ignored the majority segment of Christians to as their handpicked candidates from their own parties and this selection process keeps them absolutely unaware of the real issues of Christians because they know that they are not the one who has selected them.

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