Monday, September 23, 2013

Imran Khan, the biggest enemy of Christians

"Until and unless drone strikes are stopped, we will continue to strike wherever we will find an opportunity against Christians," statement of Ahmed Marwat, a spokesman for Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban Movement) -Jandullah. Imran Khan didn't condemn the incident instead he said the blast was a conspiracy to sabotage the peace efforts. Will Talibans stop attacking Christians if there is no drone attack? They will keep attacking Christians, drones are only an excuse because they used to attack Christians before drones. When Shantinagar and churches in Multan were burnt and when church in Islamabad was attacked and so on, which area of Pakistan was being drone attacked? England or America, wherever Imran's children will breed, they will attack Christians when they grow up because their father is preparing them to do so. Pakistani Muslims struggle hard to get a visa of USA and Europe but when they go back to Pakistan, they tell their fellow countrymen that they came back from the country of apes and they tell this on their electronic media openly.

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