Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Talibanisation Through Parliamentarians

Much vocal/written criticism against human rights violation and ill-treatment of Christians has been raised by high profile International human rights organization such as Amnesty International, The US State Department, UK Foreign Affairs ministry and even various UN based agencies.  The government of Pakistan usually handles such allegations with contempt issuing contradicting statements that “All is well in Pakistan” and “Pakistani Christians enjoy religious freedom”. The government’s mouthpieces Christian MNAs and parliamentarians have repeatedly refuted international criticism adding that Christians are happy here, enjoy religious freedom and are provided protection at all times. To convince the international community, the government of the day handpicked lackeys/stooges usually shower praises on the government thereby corroborating with the governments positive statements.  These stooges are then rewarded by being given prominent positions including Members of National Assembly, Ministries and in most cases land or money in lieu.

On other occasions the government blatantly reminds members of the minorities who are required to speak at domestic & international forums to refrain from making negative comments about the draconic situation that otherwise prevails in Pakistan.  Blackmail is a preferred method of extracting a favorable response from the minorities.  Knowing the mindset of the Christians who after decades of subjugation offer little or no resistance, the government succeeds in realizing their agenda.

This stranglehold on the Christians has many benefits for the government.  Since Pakistan is a developing nation with a sizeable population whose is eternally dependent on foreign financial assistance, most donor countries assess the human rights situation before offering financial assistance. Almost every donor donate funds for poverty alleviation but Christians rarely see a piece of the pie and actually taste it because the financial assistance directly goes to ISI which is then further distributed to the Talibans and these development funds divert for other illicit purposes such as acquiring the latest conventional weapons including weapons of mass destruction, establishing terrorist networks and promoting Islam through propaganda.

The situation of Christians stays same and despite of getting developed they still live in mud houses in posh and expensive city like Islamabad. And the donation money goes to the terrorists and to those who are in power. Donors are of view that if terrorists of northern areas of Pakistan will get educated they will change and will think differently and positively but my experience says a Pakistani Muslim more educated person more criminal and terrorist minded. Some prominent examples are Abdul Rashid Ghazi of Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) Islamabad, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Faisal Shahzad responsible of bomb blast in Times Square, New York is a son of Air Vice Marshall, two star general in Pakistan Air Force. Faisal Shahzad confessed bombing attempt and throughout his court appearance, he remained unrepentant.
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Junaid Jamshed and Imran Khan are the examples of their educated criminal mindset. Imran Khan, he studied from Oxford University, London. But no Oxford can change his mindset; Imran Khan is in fact a Osama Bin Laden in disguise. Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pervaiz Khattak of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, political party of Imran Khan, gave a statement that Muslims cannot be hired as sweepers and cleaners only Christians will be hired for sanitary jobs. These are only few examples; there are many other incidents of USA, UK and other European Countries.

89% of Muslims of Pakistan, including army generals and other high officials support Talibans. I have witnessed warm welcomes of terrorists and killers of Christians in prison by prison staff; and the prison staff considers them as the heroes of Islam. The staff takes proper care of them and provides them every facility in prison.

The Christians in Pakistan live in sewerage lines and are living in dreadful and terrible condition. These places where Christians are living are the worst places but the Mullahs and other agencies want them to leave these places. They don’t want any Christian to get educated and tries to keep them away from education; this is why they attack their places and Christian enclaves time to time. This cycle has been repeating itself since 1947. The government, mullahs and the general Muslim population are of the view that if Pakistani Christians are happy, then foreign financial assistance will cease to flow into Pakistan.

Christians have been made the scapegoat for decades and yet pundits in the Christian community not only support the government for their own self-interest but all too often shift the entire blame on the Christians for the predicament they are in. These Christian so called leaders or members don’t care about their Christian nation and they only think of making money because they are the selected members not the elected ones. The self-professed leaders of the Christians of Pakistan like J. Salik need to look deep and find that particular characteristic known as the ‘conscience’ in order to restore human dignity among themselves.

Pakistanis are the only people on earth with a bottomless stomach and if the world wants a peaceful and civilized Pakistan, than it is impossible. To find a needle in a haystack is much easier than to change the mindset of a Pakistani which is aggressive and discriminative, till they don’t change their syllabus which teaches hate against other religions.

Dilemma in Pakistan is this that whoever struggles for Christians gets trapped in false cases; the cases can be of any nature e.g. fraud, criminal or blasphemy. Real ruler of Pakistan is not the government but ISI. As long as ISI continues to intervene in all matters, it is impossible to bring any change in Pakistan for Christians no matter who’s ever government is.

Let’s touch on another issue that has caused consternation among the Christian minority – the issue of Religious Freedom. While every government official from the President downwards is quick to point out that Religious freedom exists in Pakistan – quite the opposite is true.  Permit me to elaborate.  In all my years of existence, never have I ever heard any Priest or Padre ever criticize other religions or for that fact categorically degrade adherents of other religions, on the other hand rarely does any Friday go by without a mullah criticizing Christians or Christianity. Every Friday in mosques during sermon, it is announced that Bible is changed, that Jesus is son of God (which is a blasphemy in their eyes), and that Christians eat haram. They urinates on Cross or crucifix, I myself have witnessed this during the Denmark issue. There is no such big blasphemer as Pakistani Mullahs and whoever follows them doesn’t know about their own religion Islam. They keep hurting Christians in the name of blasphemy and when it comes to Christians, they burn their whole enclaves and houses without any proof.

While the government is aware of such lewd behavior, they are either gutless to take action against such mullahs and perhaps give tacit approval to further their agenda.

Muslims do not acknowledge the crucifixion of Christ, while Christian ideology is based on this fact.  Muslims heckle the cross even though it is the most sacred icon of Christianity.  Muslims accuse Christians of making changes in the Text of the Bible proudly claiming that the text of the Koran has remained unchanged, but can they prove otherwise?

My argument is that what right does a Muslim have to degrade Christianity? Why is that Muslims detest other religions on the one hand and expect compassion from Non-Muslims on the other? Hatred breeds Hatred, violence is answered by violence or have the mullahs forgotten this.  Just because we Christians in Pakistan are small in number, Muslims prefer to exhibit their prowess to subdue us.  Muslims must be very insecure in themselves to have to resort to this sort of behavior. 

Muslims are brainwashed from an early age into believing that Islam is the only superior religion and all other religions are either fake or irrelevant.  Muslims are also under the wrong impression that by virtue of them being Muslim, all sins are automatically forgiven and Paradise is promised to all Muslims irrespective of their sinful existence on Planet Earth.

In that context ordinary Muslims are not to blame for this mindset, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the intellectuals & Islamic clergy.  If Muslims cannot tolerate other religions then how can they state that Christians have religious freedom in Pakistan? Now only if I could amicably convince my fellow Muslim of this reality. Until then the suffering will continue and untold miseries inflicted on the Christians all in the name of Islam.

Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide

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